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Al-Ijarah Thumma Al-Bai' (AITAB) is a Syariah-compliant car financing based on the principles to lease (Ijarah) followed by sale (Al-Bai'). Customer during the leasing contract should pay at an agreed rental payment over a specific period. Upon expiry of the leasing period, the customer has the option to purchase the asset from the TCAPM at an agreed price. Non-Muslim customers are also welcome to enjoy this Islamic Automotive Financing Plan for Pre-Owned Vehicles.

  • A Shariah-Compliant Auto-Financing Product
  • Fast processing and approval
  • Easy monthly contribution of your instalment via various modes of payment

IconFinancing Terms

  • Individuals age 18 years old and above.
  • Applicable for Toyota & Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles with maximum age of car of 6 years.
  • Applicable on selected vehicle makes for Non-Certified Pre-Owned vehicle that with a minimum age of car of 1 year.
  • Applicable on Toyota & Lexus Demo car with maximum age of car of 2 years (selected models only).
  • Applicable on Toyota Van (that available in Toyota TopMark Malaysia only).
  • Only applicable for vehicle available in Toyota TopMark and authorised Toyota outlets.
Margin of finance Maximum 90% financing, minimum loan amount applicable.
Tenure 9 years

IconFee and charges

Standard Fees RM    Optional Fees (if applicable only) RM
Stamp duty - without guarantor 10 Photography cost (used & new reconditioned) 10
Stamp duty - with guarantor 30 Settlement with other financier 30
Ownership, registration and handling charges 50 Inter-branch inspection 50
Photocopy charges 10 Transport charges for inspection 10
Handling charges for Used Vehicle Inspection 100
Handling Charges and stamping fee for Assignment application 230
After Sales Support Service Fees (if applicable only) RM Chargeback Expenses for Recovery (if applicable only) RM
Document retrieval: within branch 10 Travelling charges to inspect/trace vehicle (distance based):-
  • Within 10km
  • Within 30km
  • Within 60km
  • Within 90km
  • More than 90km
Document retrieval: offsite storage 30 Redelivery & disposal of repossessed vehicle 120
Photocopy of registration card 10
Photocopy of HP agreement 10
Road Tax renewal 10
Any Documents request to deliver via Normal Postage, Courier or Email 10
Consent Letter of JPJ for change of engine 50
Letter to JPJ & Custom for transfer vehicle from East to West Malaysia (vice versa) 50
Letter to JPJ for Duplicate Vehicle Registration Card 50
Letter to JPJ for Interchange of Registration Number 50
Ownership claim upon full settlement of account 100
Reminder and Statutory Notice send by Register
Mail :-
  • Reminder
  • Notice on Base Lending Rate (BLR) & Based
Financing Rate (BFR) Revision
  • 4th Scheduled Notice
  • Notice of intention to Responses
  • 5th Scheduled Notice


IconPre-Owned AITAB FAQs

  1. What is Al-Ijarah Thumma Al Bai' (AITAB)?
    AITAB is an Islamic Automotive Financing plan which is in compliance with Syariah principles.
    - Al-Ijarah means a lease contract that binds the lessor(Toyota Capital Malaysia) and lessee (customer).
    - Al Bai means a sale contract wherein the ownership is transferred to the lessee at the end of the leasing period for a specified consideration.
    AITAB - in a nutshell - is the Islamic version of "conventional" Hire Purchase whereby the parties enterinto a lease contract for a specified tenure and subsequently enterinto a sale contract at the expiry of the lease tenure.
  2. What is the prevailing rate now?
    We offer attractive and competitive rates to our customers. To find out more, kindly Contact Us.
  3. What is the margin of finance and term of tenure offered?
    We offer a maximum of 90% financing for up to 9 years' tenure.
  4. Can non-Muslims enjoy this Islamic Automotive Financing Plan?
    Yes. Non-Muslims are welcome to experience this Islamic Automotive Financing Plan.
  5. Are government employees eligible for this plan?
    Yes! In fact, we have a special campaign for Government Employees called Jom Drive. Click here.

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