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Owning a vehicle for commercial use is more affordable than you might think. This plan has been set up to provide competent and authentic care for your fleet of Toyota vehicles. The customized plans will give you the flexibility to meet the requirements needed.


  • Fast processing and approval
  • Attractive and competitive packages
  • Easy monthly payment via various modes of payment
  • Provide auto insurance and road tax renewal concurrently

Full Service Lease for Business Usage

Acquire a fleet of Toyota by paying only a long-term, fixed lease price. No capital outlay is required, making your business run smoothly without having to incur large costs at intervals. This frees up your finances for other business purposes. The leasing arrangement can also be customised to meet individual needs and requirements.

Benefit from the support of dedicated, experienced professionals from UMW Toyota Motor who will be responsible for the service and maintenance of your vehicles.

Please contact our representative to work out the terms of a lease.

Fleet Solutions

For the busy business owner who has fleet vehicles, this is one automotive leasing solution that takes care of everything. It covers the cost of the vehicles as well as their everyday running and maintenance costs. What's more, it also takes care of managing your fleet and ensuring that it is always running at peak condition and delivering the best performance for your business.

Here are the benefits of our Fleet Solutions:
  • A hassle-free solution that helps you to eliminate administrative tasks, reduce cost and improve cash flow planning.
  • Lets you focus your resources on your core business activities.
  • Offers a complete host of services, including periodic and preventive maintenance, insurance management, vehicle acquisition & disposal, fleet surveillance management as well as fleet management reporting.
  • It is highly flexible and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Please contact us to find out more about this automotive leasing solution.

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