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Enjoy lower monthly instalments for 6 years! The Toyota 2-Tier Plan is an unconventional 9-year loan term divided into 2 tiers. Tier 1 refers to the first 6 years of lower repayments - stress-free! This is followed by Tier 2 with a different repayment amount. No worries! You may choose to continue paying your car loan or if you wish, trade-in for a new Toyota and use the trade-in value for early settlement of your loan account. Clearly, this is the plan specially designed for your Toyota ownership dreams.

Lower monthly instalments in Tier 1 period
Longer repayment period
Tier 2 starts only after 6 years from contract date
2 flexible options for Tier 2 period: continue to make repayments OR trade-in for a new Toyota

A quick glance at the monthly instalments in Tier 1 and Tier 2:
The table above is an illustration only. The monthly instalments stated are based on individual private registration in Peninsular Malaysia and may vary as they are subject to the prevailing interest rate. Please request an online quotation for the current instalment amount.

Eligibility : Individuals age 18 years old and above
    Only for Private registrations
Margin of finance : Maximum 90% financing subject to a minimum loan
Tenure : 9 years

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Toyota 2-Tier Plan
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Choose the most convenient method for your repayments.

Via ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines
at certain bank networks
  Payment at CIMB
  Payment at Maybank
Via Online Banking
Mail in your Cheque / Bank Draft
Walk in to Toyota Capital Office (Cash / Cheque)
With effect from 01 June 2019   6.75% per annum