Toyota Capital Services
Toyota Capital offers automotive financing solutions for business owners that are designed to maximise the value you get from your fleet of Toyota vehicles. We also offer customisable plans with the flexibility to adapt itself to the unique requirements of your business.

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Acquire a fleet of Toyotas by paying only a long-term, fixed price rental. No capital outlay is required, making your business run smoothly without having to incur large costs at intervals. This frees up your finances for other business purposes. Fleet leasing is also transacted off your company's Balance Sheet. The leasing arrangement can also be customised to meet individual needs and requirements.

Benefit from the support of dedicated, experienced professionals from UMW Toyota Motor who will be responsible for the service and maintenance of your vehicles.

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Toyota 2-Tier Plan
Toyota Drive
Flexi Plan
Hire Purchase
Choose the most convenient method for your repayments.

Via ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines
at certain bank networks
  Payment at CIMB
  Payment at Maybank
Via Online Banking
Mail in your Cheque / Bank Draft
Walk in to Toyota Capital Office (Cash / Cheque)
With effect from 01 June 2019   6.75% per annum