Toyota Capital Services
We provide value added services to our customers at a minimal administrative fee. The said fee will be debited into your account. Here is a complete list of the fees required for services.

Please click on an automotive financing solution below to view the details of the administrative fees it incurs.
Please note that on the occurrence of the following, administrative fees will be levied:-
Items / Services Rendered Administrative Fees*
Admin fee for perfection of Hire Purchase Agreement (one-time fee) 50.00
Issuance of duplicate Letter of Release of Ownership Claim 50.00
Issuance of letter to JPJ for change of vehicle engine number 50.00
Issuance of letter to JPJ for duplicate Registration Card 50.00
Issuance of letter to JPJ on interchange of vehicle registration number 50.00
Settlement with another financier for new or used vehicles 10.00
Transport charges for vehicle inspection conducted away from branch [Fees per transaction] 10.00
Ad-hoc request for audit confirmation per transaction 10.00
Variation of Agreement 200.00
Settlement prior to completion of loan tenure 100.00
Assignment of vehicles - Passenger 600.00
Assignment of vehicles - Commercial 1,125.00
Repossession of vehicle
Fees incurred inclusive of other incidental charges
Please note that the following administrative fees will be debited into your account in the event the following is sent out:
Reminder, Fourth and Fifth Schedule and Notices per transaction 5.00
*The fees levied for the type of financing are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
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Choose the most convenient method for your repayments.

Via ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines
at certain bank networks
  Payment at CIMB
  Payment at Maybank
Via Online Banking
Mail in your Cheque / Bank Draft
Walk in to Toyota Capital Office (Cash / Cheque)
With effect from 02 February 2018   7.00% per annum